From the publishers desk,

Happy Spring, or at least according to the calendar it is. Looking outside my window while I am typing this I still see some remaining white from our weekend snow storm, however rain and +10 today tells me it will be gone soon enough.
M Cool is still a hot topic in the news. Even in our local newspaper there was an article this morning mentioning all the industries that are putting pressure on Congress.
The main stream media, which cater news to city slickers as I like to call them, have a different way of getting people’s attention. With them mentioning that Florida oranges and California wine coming north of the 49th parallel might be compromised, it seems to have much more impact than just the meat topics. Why is that, once again for so many agriculture issues go more unnoticed until other sections get involved?
What a difference a year makes, at this time last year we were reporting on the spread of PED, while still a huge concern, kudos to many for working hard to keep in at bay. Yes there are still new cases surfacing but not at the rapid pace of the previous year.
In the most recent Alberta Pork town hall, the 16th held, last month a few points were driven home but yet again. When discussing feed plasma Dr. Frank Marshall stated, “mitigating risk regarding blood plasma feed products – for your farms and industry sakes just don’t do it!”
On a very positive note Prairie Hog Country is excited to share an article on Matador the new barn in Saskatchewan, along with the details on the barn the history of the area too. Special thanks to Sam Waldner for answering all my many questions, Brad Gampe for sending photos from inside the barn and Jeff Ironside for details on the building. Congrats on a beautiful new barn. Sam shared with me that their daughter Colony Wheatland will be moving dirt this fall to make way to build their new barn.
Good job to the team at Cramer Expo. It was a super one day show and a very positive buzz in the room. Exhibitors shared that they will for sure be back next year, as will Prairie Hog Country. Check out page 29 for all the details.
It is that time of year again when we ask you the producers what you think of Prairie Hog Country. As the exhibitors beside me at a trade show can attest to we are proud to be “your top choice” for hog news and information in Western Canada. One of the guys said to me, Laurie I see you everywhere. Our annual readership survey is on pages 40 & 41 please take the time to give us your opinion, it counts!
Kudos to Manitoba Pork for taking a live exhibit with them to Brandon’s Royal Winter Fair. What a great way to show locals how, what and why we do what we do in hog barns. I am sure Pig Tails will be a success.
I was asked in Swift Current to include the answers from the previous contest, check out page 39 for last editions answers.
I am hoping you all had a wonderful Easter.
As always I am only a phone call or email away. Prairie Hog Country, Box 5536, Leduc, Alberta T9E 2A1, 780.986.0962, fax 780.980.9640 or email:
Talk to you in June.