Long Shelf Life

Prairie Hog Country is around farm kitchens long after it has been distributed and is read and re-read by many members of farm families. It is more than just experts talking about farming, it is real hog farmers telling their stories and sharing their experiences with other producers in the four western Canadian provinces. Being owned and operated independently allows us to freely cover all industry issues.

For Producers – About Producers

Since the debut of Prairie Hog Country in the fall of 1996, we have provided in-depth stories of how to farm for efficiently.Prairie Hog Country covers issues related to the hog industry, hosts expert columnists and provides an excellent venue for advertisers who want to reach hog producers.

Watch for stories about:
1. Farmers who have found more efficient or innovative ways to farm.
2. Diversification in hog farming.
3. Expansions – new barns or expansion of older barns, farmers increasing stock numbers, expansion of hog-related businesses…
4. Innovations and inventions.
5. Kudos page- to honour achievements within the industry.
6. New products – a free space for businesses to promote new products.
7. And much, much more…


Prairie Hog Country features a full process color gloss cover with a newsprint interior. We are a non paid qualified subscription magazine that totals 4028, covering Western Canada including Hutterite Colonies. Our provincial breakdown: BC 166 ; AB 2094 ; SK 718 ; MB 1395 ; ON & PQ 258 ; USA 84 ; Additionals 59. These numbers reflect Producers and industry related Professionals


Prairie Hog Country is distributed free of charge to more than 4,775 producers, hog-related businesses, and industry professionals within Western Canada.We blanket all Western Canadian Hutterite Colonies (including 775 hog and assistant hog bosses). Subscription rates for Prairie Hog Country are available for producers outside of Western Canada