8 02, 2018

From the publishers desk,

Happy 2018 ! Here we are entering our 22nd year of publishing. I’m super excited to continue to bring you all the latest hog news and information for another year.

As you saw on the cover 770 people attended Banff Pork Seminar a few weeks ago, representing all aspects of our industry, and all corners

30 11, 2017

From the publishers desk,

So where exactly did the year go, seems like only a few short weeks ago I was typing my welcome to 2017 message. Blink. Now here I am penning the message for last release this year.

I have to start first and foremost with a huge, HUGE thanks for the constant encouragement and appreciation that

5 10, 2017

From the publishers desk,

Greetings on a cool blustery fall day. In the last 24 hours I have seen some rain, wind, fog and even a bit of snow. However I’m not complaining one bit, when we see the destruction in other places on the globe we are reminded again how fortunate we are, from floods, hurricanes, fires and

10 08, 2017

From the publishers desk,

Greetings on a warm sunny afternoon, and surprisingly no wind. We have certainly had more wind then normal around here, but I am not complaining we are so much more fortunate then so many. Thinking of all of those in BC staying out of harm’s way of the fires.

This edition marks the fourth release

8 06, 2017

From the publishers desk,

Today as I am typing this it is 28˚ and muggy, a storm is forecasted overnight. The farmers are seeding as fast as their tractors will go. Around here it was a very late start till snow melted and many had to deal with left over crops from last year’s early snow fall.

Scary times

6 04, 2017

From Publishers Desk

Welcome to spring, today as I am typing this it is on its way to plus 9, and the snow is disappearing at a rapid rate. Yesterday it was such a lovely Sunday afternoon I even had a fire in my outside pit, my feet in rubber boots with one foot in snow and

9 02, 2017

From the publishers desk,

Happy 2017 welcome to Prairie Hog Country’s 21st year, although it is January, when I am typing this, it sure doesn’t feel like it plus 7 is the forecast today. That was not the case when 658 of the industry joined together in Banff for the 46th Banff Pork Seminar. That week the temperatures

1 12, 2016

From the publishers desk,

Greetings on a cool foggy morning. With the ground now white it’s looking more like early winter than late fall.

Speaking of fall, the seminars, meetings and workshops continue to have strong turn outs. There is an abundance of coverage in this issue from such events; Red Deer Swine Technology Workshop, Saskatchewan Industry Pork Symposium,

7 10, 2016

From the publishers desk,

Happy official first day of fall, as I am penning this, a cool morning so no combines moving quite yet. Although around this area anyway, they have been making great time with warm breezy afternoons. With the fall season brings the many opportunities to refresh and rekindle our minds with the various seminars and

11 08, 2016

From the publishers desk

Happy Friday! While I am typing this, I’m having a hard time believing that summer is almost half over. School supplies are in the stores and after the long weekend the annual Staples “they’re going back” commercial will once again start too.

Those who know me best know I do not adapt well to change,