2015 Manitoba Pork Industry Awards

Manitoba Pork recognized the winners of the 2015 Pork Industry Awards, presented annually to individuals, groups and organizations in recognition of their significant contributions at the annual general meeting on April 15.
The first award went to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association presented in recognition of the exemplary leadership of Manitoba’s swine practitioners in addressing disease challenges and protecting the health status of the Manitoba swine herd.
Karl Kynoch received the other award this year in appreciation and recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication and service to pork producers in Manitoba.
“The swine practitioners of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association led the pork industry relatively unscathed through the PEDv challenges of 2014. Karl Kynoch provided tireless leadership through 11 years as chair of Manitoba Pork,” said Manitoba Pork vice – chair Rick Bergmann. “These two very different recipients have contributed in their own way to the success of our industry.”
The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) is the professional organization of over 400 provincial veterinarians, dedicated to promoting excellence in their profession. In 2014, when the Manitoba pork industry was faced with the enormous challenge of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus, the swine practitioners of the MVMA stepped up to the plate and went into full disease prevention mode. Working collaboratively with Manitoba Pork and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, swine vets investigated disease incidents and collected thousands of samples at farms and high-traffic facilities. They communicated with each other and with the broader industry to minimize the spread of this devastating disease.
The role of the swine practitioners didn’t stop there. They provided constant support to affected producers, helping them cope with the virus on their farm and guiding them towards the day when they could put the incident behind them. The swine vets were a strong presence at countless meetings and discussions with producers and other industry stakeholders about the importance of a high standard of biosecurity for disease prevention. Their expert opinions and access to emerging information were invaluable in marshalling resources and programs to assist in our PEDv battle. They also reached out to the broader community that works with our producers to engage them in our disease prevention efforts.
Karl Kynoch’s commitment to his fellow farmers and the broader pork industry began as a Manitoba Pork Delegate in 1995, elected chair in 2004, sat as a director on the Canadian Pork Council.
Leading a complex sector like food production is not an easy task in a world of animal activists, government moratoriums, frequent regulatory changes, low prices, trade barriers, new diseases, etc. Karl did not waver, but forged ahead, taking the long view of the industry and refusing to make hasty decisions based on the short term.
With his calm and professional demeanor, holding a consistent position and resisting partisan politics and personality conflicts, Karl exemplified the role well as an industry leader.
Among Karl’s many accomplishments, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Plan helped define Manitoba Pork’s position on a wide variety of issues, such as protecting the environment and animal care.
In another area, Manitoba Pork’s encouragement and support in the development of the Farm and Food Discovery Centre at the University of Manitoba has created a lasting gift for all Manitobans.
The Manitoba pork industry is indebted to Karl Kynoch for his tremendous contributions and dedication over the past two decades.  •
— By Harry Siemens
with files from Manitoba Pork
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