To run any industry takes good people, but to run the hog industry, in Canada, or any given province takes extra effort and time, especially during the roller coaster ride of the last seven to ten years.
Scott Peters, a director of the Manitoba Pork Council and Canadian Pork Council, and an owner of Herbsigwil Ltd., a hog operation in eastern Manitoba reports on the MPC website his attendance at the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) fall meetings in Ottawa in November.  “Producers and stakeholders from across Canada met over two days to help shape the future of the industry,” writes Peters. “Attendees addressed a number of issues, including swine health, particularly PEDv, and traceability. Herd health was at the forefront of many discussions and, although there were opposing views on strategies to address the issues, consensus was that disease is a constant industry pressure. Producers just want healthy pigs!”
Rick Bergmann, also on the executive of Manitoba Pork is now the chair of CPC, Bill Wymenga from Ontario is the first vice-chair and Frank Novak from Alberta elected as second Vice-Chair.”
CPC chair Jean-Guy says CPC recently commissioned a paper on the financial situation faced by the hog and pork sector for the fall meeting with the following highlights;
*Despite current historically strong returns to hog farmers, they have not yet replenished industry equity lost during the previous seven years.
*Current profits are at least in part due to the production impact of the PEDv disease in the U.S.
*Prices could come under strong downward pressure in 2016 if production increases in North America as much as the amount conditions encourage.
 Bergmann, the new chair of CPC says quality and safety will be at the front of his mind when he takes over the one year term early in 2015. He says the end result of the hard work, dedication and many different protocols hog farmers use and incorporate on their farms is a high quality, safe and healthy product the consumer can enjoy, trust and depend upon it.
Not only do people in Canada enjoy the pork, but people from over 100 countries around the world seek after this Canadian pork because the quality is second to none and is safe.
Bergmann stresses Canada needs to build upon those key components and expand its consumption because the pork industry relies heavily on trade.  •
— By Harry SiemensScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.03.17 PM