Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.48.20 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.48.29 PMSafety is always in the back of minds for farmers although sometimes gets forgotten.  At Rock Lake Colony in June it was brought to the fore front of student minds at Progressive Agriculture Farm Safety Day. The day was designed to promote farm safety says co ordinator David Gross. This was the ninth annual bringing together kids from 11 surrounding Colonies totalling over 300 students. Colonies in attendance were Marble Ridge, Oak Land, Rock Lake, Sommerfeld, Concord, Interlake, Broad Valley, Heartland, Suncrest, Strugeon Creek and Prairie Blossom.
“This day is about making them aware,” comments Gross, “these kids grow up close to allot of farm equipment and then become so used to it they don’t realize the danger it presents.”
School aged children were educated about various potential dangers including save animal behaviors, equipment and even firearms.  There were demonstrations by local fire  and police departments but the highlight if the day was the visit from the STARS helicopter.  The STARS team along with local firefighters staged an mock ATV accident and demonstrated how STARS would respond and react to a call. After the demonstration students, parents and teachers were able to tour the helicopter and ask questions.
The day has special meaning for some as it honours the loss of three colony members from Broad Valley Colony who lost their lives in a pit accident 17 years before on Friday June 13th, exactly 17 years prior to this years safety day. Three candles burned through out the day to honour them.   •

— Thanks to David Gross for submitting the photos and details.

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