From the publishers desk,

Hello all. As I am typing this I just finished listening to a loud thunder and lightning storm. It didn’t last long but was pretty intense. It made me think of our industry, sometimes things seem intense and we are never really sure how long they are going to last. With the prices still solid, albeit we are not sure if they will last. Many things are pointing to the fact that they should, at least for a while – demand is up with feed prices down.

As one producer told me recently he is excited the way things look right now but he’s been around long enough to know you have to be smart.
Producers are looking with a more open set of eyes, even with making some money, getting caught up on some overdue bills perhaps, possibly thinking about some renovations that have been put off for too long.

Of course the elephant in the room at all times is the threat of the spread of this nasty disease, not that other ones are any better, but this one is less forgiving on a young herd.

On a recent Alberta Pork town hall meeting call I listened into, I found it interesting that there are still some producers who are not using both detergent and disinfectant when they wash out their trucks. For some the message is still not getting through. On this most recent call it was a blend of participants again, showing how important this is to all of us in this industry. The numbers were 52 per cent Alberta producers; ten per cent producers from other provinces, with the balance of 38 per cent industry partners.

Speaking of percentages and numbers, included within this issue is our annual readership survey results. Once again I wish to thank all the producers who took the time to fill it out and send it back. It truly tell us at Prairie Hog Country how we are doing. We appreciate the encouraging words and are so happy to remain your favourite source of hog news and information within Western Canada. Please check out page 36 and 37 for all results.

Since it is June again it also marks the time for our annul photo contest. I will once again be collecting photos for both the photo contest and for the opportunity to be selected for the 2015 Prairie Hog Country Calendar. Of all the contests we do, this has to be one of my favourites, but of course I am a sucker for all those cute shots. Start collecting pictures today, you can email them to me or send in hard copies. If you choose to email please ensure they are high resolution, and of course only send pictures that are a positive reflection of our industry. As in past years I will have representatives from various provinces help with selection of both the winners and the candidates for the 2015 Calendar.

Two weeks from today, when I am typing this, I will be in Red Deer setting up for Alberta Pork Congress. I am looking forward to seeing so many producers face to face again. Arlene, Brenda and I will be in our regular corner. Although most of Wednesday I will be in the Salon area with the 3rd Annual Bruce Winkler Memorial Silent Auction.

Thanks so much for all those companies, individuals and Colonies who have already donated items for this most worthwhile cause. I know Bruce would be still both flattered and a bit annoyed that we are making a fuss about him, but I think he would like what we are doing to honour him.
If you have a look at the front cover of this issue you might even see a familiar face of a former near and dear friend.

Time really does go to fast as here we are on the third issue for 2014 already, I just got used to writing 2014 on cheques and now the year is close to half over. Another thing that reminds me time goes to fast is my youngest graduated from high school this past weekend, and as his class historian said they started kindergarten on that tragic 9-11 day. Where did 13 years go?

As always I am only a phone call or email away. Prairie Hog Country, Box 5536, Leduc, Alberta T9E 2A1, 780.986.0962, fax 780.980.9640 or
Talk to you in August.